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Ruidosa’s study impulses bill to fight sexism in music festivals in Argentina

After our first Ruidosa Fest in Lima with Russian activist punk band Pussy Riot; Chilean pop queen and founder of Ruidosa, Francisca Valenzuela; Peruvian indie songstress, Pamela Rodríguez and more, we keep making noise!

After analyzing 66 festivals we analyzed in four countries of Latin American in 2016, 2017 and the first half of 2018, we discovered that none reached a 50/50 gender balance. In the case of Argentina for every 14 male artists, there is only one female artist or band.

Campaigns like “Más Músicas en Vivo” and the bill “Mercedes Sosa” in Argentina are seeking to fight this large gender gap in music in the country with the lowest percentage of female participation in the region. The project was presented at the Argentine Congress by a group of senators, highlighting the data obtained in Ruidosa’s study, which is  the first one in the region to measure female participation in Latin American music festivals.

This research is one of the first in the region to measure the participation of women in Spanish-speaking music festivals, being highlighted by international media such as La Nación (Argentina), El País (Spain), Washington Post (USA), Remezcla (USA) and Rolling Stone (USA).

In addition, the National Institute of Music (INAMU) has proposed an agenda to address specific gender issues and is conducting a national survey to characterize and position women working in the music industry.

All infographics by Francisca Alcalde

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