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Women to the front: Our first panel in Buenos Aires

We are super excited because the Ruidosa team went to the wonderful Buenos Aires for the first time for a RUIDOSA PANEL “Women to the front: Gender balance in music festivals”.

During IN/OUT, we talked about our study, female participation and diversity in our Ruidosa panel “Women to the front: Gender Parity in Music Festivals” with incredible mujeres who are making noise in Argentina, such as transfeminist activist, musician and producer Miss Bolivia; Patagonian songstress Sof Tot; Chilean Pop queen and Founder of Ruidosa, Francisca Valenzuela; and activist communicator and co-director of Ruidosa, Giovanna Roa.

We also met singer, composer and rock guitarist Barbi Recanati (Goza Records); Producer, audiovisual producer and music curator, Carla Sanguineti (Cultura Puente); and visual artist, music and cultural manager, Florencia Hana (Otras Formas), pushing all kinds of music projects.

Photographs by Eugenia Kais 


From our research on the gender gap in Latin American music festivals to the bill that is being developed in Argentina to implement a 30% female participation in massive music events, we talked about the different ways of promoting a perspective of gender from diverse roles, trajectories and points of view.

For Chilean singer, composer and founder of Ruidosa, Francisca Valenzuela, «There is a systemic problem in music and everywhere. The exciting thing today is that it is safe to say ‘I do not agree with this system and I can create a new one’.

Transfeminist activist, singer, producer and dj MISS BOLIVIA said: «I believe that the insistence with actions, beyond the complaints, is the way of transformation». Besides producing her own transfeminist festival in Argentina, she is actively supporting the bill that fights sexism in the music industry in the country.

“I feel that the revolution comes from my family, traveling with a baby and a husband, so I can work” said the singer and composer SOF TOT, who creates a warm and deep universe, combining electronic elements in her music.

Valeria Zamparolo has been the Arts Manager of the British Council in Argentina since 2013, where she works together with partners from the public and private sectors to carry out collaborative programs within the Arts that bring together artists and specialists from the UK, Argentina and other countries in Latin America. Since 2018, she has been the coordinator of gender, music and technology programs in the Americas region, including Amplify (Canada, Argentina and Peru), Radar Creativo (Peru) and ASA (Brazil). For Vale, «the challenge that remains for us in feminism is to structure what is coming now».

Designer, communicator and co-director of Ruidosa, Giovanna Roa: «There is a requirement to be the best ever feminist in the world, which is not so far from the requirement to be the prettiest, sweetest, most tender; It puts you in a place of demand that co-opts your ability to create your identity, your individuality in a free manner. That tension is very interesting, and each one lives it in a different way».

Singer, composer and rock guitarist Barbi Recanati told us about Goza Records, feminist record label that she founded together with Futurock with the commitment to bet on equality. Each year they release 12 LPs or Eps.

Visual artist and musician Florencia Hana shared her experience with Otras Formas, record label that exclusively works with other visual artists who make music.

Artistic producer and filmmaker Carla Sanguineti shared Cultura Puente, where she develops international booking and cultural projects development that work fusion of Latin American cultural heritage with new electronic sounds. For her, we not only must require gender parity in posters of festivals, but also modify working conditions to which we are subject.

THANKS to everyone who made ruido with us in Buenos Aires. Check out the special playlist we made with all las mujeres que hacen ruido en Argentina, listen here.

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